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What is a Prosthetic Limb?

Prosthetic and orthotic is an expanding and dynamic allied health profession. Orthotics, which includes the application of artificial limbs or prosthetic to improve the life and function of people with limb deformities, is rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing areas of healthcare. The term Orthotics originated from the Greek word meaning 'to put into the socket.' Orthoses, however, derives from the word 'orthos,' meaning 'fit, regular, straight' and the medicine was later adapted to fit all the organs in the body, as well as the muscles.

Prosthetic limbs from bionics companies Philadelphia include artificial limbs for amputees, as well as hands and feet for people who have been injured and cannot use their hands. Prosthetic limbs are made out of materials such as carbon fiber, plastics and metals, or some combination of these materials. Today prosthetic limbs can be used on both the hands and feet.

Another group of prosthetic limbs are called bio-prosthetics. These are made with bio-fabrication methods. They are able to adapt to natural body movements and conditions, such as the use in military applications. They are also used in rehabilitation to help patients regain strength and function. Know more about prosthetics at

There are also several types of medical Philadelphia prosthetics devices. These devices are often used in conjunction with prosthetic limbs, but may also be used independently.

There are many types of prosthetic limbs available today. The most common are bionic and robotic limbs. However, there are also biological prosthetic limbs, such as those made from human tissue. This is used for those who have lost the use of their hands or arms due to injuries and diseases, or for people who have been surgically altered.

Medical prosthetic devices are a fast developing area of the medical arena. They will continue to expand in use, in the hope of providing better mobility and quality of life to those who need them.

There are many different types of prostheses and orthotics. They can be classified by the method in which they are placed onto the body, either through the chest or through the arms and hands. Some prosthetics are designed to use on the face, such as facelifts, while others are designed to be used in the spinal column.

There are a number of surgical procedures that can be used to repair a person's body, especially if they have been injured. These include: bone grafting and implants, microsurgery, liposuction, radio frequency ablation, and even bone spur.

The prosthetic limb is not only used to correct a person's physical condition. It is also used to enhance a person's self image.

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